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Applegate Farms
A un Demand Planning Supply Chain Manager le preguntaron...14 de noviembre de 2017

3. Have you been part of an implementation team for a demand or supply planning system?


How have you dealt with tension between sales & operations in the past?

Applegate Farms

5. Provide an example of how you improved the demand planning process in your role.

Applegate Farms

9. What would you consider to be your top 3 strengths? What could you consider to be an area of opportunity for improvement?

Applegate Farms

6. What demand planning KPI metrics have you been accountable for in the past?

Applegate Farms

4. Do you have any experience in planning perishable items?

Applegate Farms

2. What demand planning and supply planning systems have you worked with in the past? Do you have any experience with Demand Solutions DSFM or DSRP?

Duke Cannon Supply

Asked about my Target Experience and Demand Planning process

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Walked through my background and tools I've built from previous experiences.

Applegate Farms

10 questions asked : for all questions, the think time unlimited, 2 takes permitted, 2 or 3 minute time limit to answer each question. If you mess up on the first take, you at least have a 2nd one to attempt it. If you mess up on the 2nd one, you are screwed. 1. What brings you to this interview today. What interests you about Applegate & this role?

Applegate Farms

8. How do you handle ambiguous situations?

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