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Amazon Flex
A un Partner/Delivery le preguntaron...8 de julio de 2016

Where do you live?

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If in one of the locations they are currently serving then you are a possible fit, pending a background check. Menos

John Lewis & Partners

Discuss a situation in which you had to act quickly to resolve a problem.

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I discussed a problem I had working within a customer service role where I dealt with difficult customers every day. Discussed the use of transferrable skills from other roles and the importance of communication skills. Menos

Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions

How good are you in excel?

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I can manage to work on excel and can learn.


Do you have a new car?

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WHo are the leaders in this org? (I was already working there)

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Honestly, and gave positive ways I worked with them.

Amazon Flex

uk licence

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I have full UK driving licence

Amazon Flex

Tell me about yourself

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How long have you been driving


My management style for overseeing large teams.

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I have managed teams of up to 100 so answering was easy, I could prove my experience in this, so I took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions about the position and financial structure as a 3rd party business "partner", which the 3 interviews couldn't really answer. The entire process is set up in a way that you'll feel like you've been chosen to be in a selective club if offered a contract, but my advice would be to get as much information as possible before deciding if you want to take on being the legal and financial risk of having 50-100 employees for the privilege of having a sole behemoth client, but they payoff is you can't grow your business the way you want. Menos


How had I lived one of the CSC Corporate values

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Provided an answer which was in line with the CLEAR values - see website


Why do you want to work at Gubhub as a Delivery Partner?

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I said that I wanted to work in a new environment after having worked a job that was mostly indoors for many years. I liked the idea of meeting many new people. I also talked about how I was interested in breaking out of my circle and beginning a new career in a new industry. Menos

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