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Gate Gourmet
A un Delivery Driver le preguntaron...11 de agosto de 2022

They asked if I had a driver's license, could I pass a background check and drug screen and would I show up for work.

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Yes, I could pass a background check and drug screen and yes, I had a valid license and yes, I come in to work for all my assigned time. Menos

Papa John's Pizza

Tell us about your driving history? Are you comfortable answering the phones?

Just Eat

can you drive to deliver

How many hours are you willing to work on a weekly basis?

Marcia Pharmacy

Do you know the area well? What makes you right for this role? Are you comfortable carrying goods?

FedEx Ground

What is your work availability

Factory Motor Parts

If I’m reliable and how am I with attendance

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I said yes I am and I’m great with attendance

Century HVAC Distributing

What am I looking for out of the company?

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I'm looking for a career


Can you drive a car

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Pizza Hut

How do you think you'd fit in and work here?

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I'll do what I need to do and get it done, so.. great!

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