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A un Data Warehouse Engineer le preguntaron...11 de octubre de 2017

what is data science

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it's the science that uses data to extract usable and useful informations that lead to improvements. Menos

Bell-Carter Foods

Asked about experience with various RDBMS

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I have experience with a variety of the normally deployed systems so I gave some samples of each. They have a decently broad stack so its more than just a single faceted job. Menos

Reinsurance Group of America

partitioning types

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List, Range, Hash, Interveral, Composite (i.e. Range-List partition)

Spark Networks

What is your notice period?

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1 month


Banking application code verification, bug fixes and performance improvement.

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Went through the existing code to identify the bugs and suggested ways to improve performance. Menos


About my masters' studies and subjects

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I explained all my subject modules


I was then told, "Due to the high volume of applicants, I’m having to prioritize my time based on candidates in or near the salary range I have budgeted for these roles. If you do not want to disclose this information via email, I totally understand, but it may be some time before I am able to get to your application."

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I responded, "I understand. Hopefully we can touch base again soon, and set up a time to chat. " I have not heard from the recruiter since, and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Menos

Rocket Companies

Resume walk through

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After the interview the person co-ordinating called up to they dont sponsor H1b. I think this is something which needs to be clear even before scheduling an interview Menos


What is dimension and fact ?

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Dimension is a category of information. Fact contains measures of interest.


Are you passionate about Data? Why?

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Accurate and timely Information helps business make the right decisions at the right time. Being able to effect that behavior makes it my passion! Menos

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