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A un Data Warehouse Architect le preguntaron...27 de abril de 2009

What's 5/2 in MySQL ?

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2.5 is wrong according to MySpace

may they expect it to be 2.5000 ?

5/2 = 2 it will assume integer division

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Government of Canada

Why have <Vendor_name> sent you to a lot of non-Canadian clients?

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Higher Revenue Rates than Domestically, plus also I speak and work in a number of languages other than English or French Menos


Write the sql for finding the two most populous cities per state in the two tables city and state.

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A lot of questions involving group by's and having clauses.

Tata Consultancy Services

Why TCS when you belong to Non CS IT field ?

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Rather asking me , slap your stupid HR why he called me here.

Insight Global

Which are you: A Star Trek or a Star Wars fan?

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Star Wars

Insight Global

Are you a Star Wars or Star Trek fan.

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Star Wars!

Government of Canada

Why do you not have a Certication in <Vendor_name> Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence?

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There was no mention of those as a requirement for this Position. In addion, I had been working for as a Prinicpal Consultant for over 10 years - before these courses were introduced. When I did enquire, I was informed, that a) They were NOT regarded as neccessary to my Career Improvement within , since I had long ago gone passed the Standard being Certified with Rea-world experience b) We are too busy to let in-demand Consultants go swanning off on Training Courses, until there is a brak in Projects. Menos


Without the assistance of OEM, how would you ensure that temp space does not run out in the database

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I would create an event based job using Oracle Scheduler


How would you build a DW, not knowing what needs to be in it, without User Requirements and Project Plan.

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Told her that a through design analysis needs to be done on the implementation on E-business, which has not been implemented, in order to come up with what needs to be extracted for Datawarehouse. Wihout User Requirements ... I was pretty much dumbfounded. Not sure if there is any answer Menos

Intel Corporation

Tell me about slowly changing dimensions. What are the 3 types of fact tables? Should you use a star schema or snowflake?

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Slowly Changing Dimensions - These are the three different ways to handle historical data changes in a dimension table. There is Type 1 (Overwrite the value), Type 2 (Add a new row to the dimension table), and Type 3 (Add a dimension column). On whether to use a star schema or snowflake... the answer is "It depends" on whether you need (or want) to normalize the dimension table. A standard star schema will have both conformed dimensions, junk dimensions, (normal) subject area specific dimensions (relative to the grain of a fact table). Menos

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