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A un Data Mining Engineer le preguntaron...15 de noviembre de 2022

nothing to tell, i havent got an interview completely and preordered in the wedesnday this week, I just want to see others' interview questions for preparement. It's hard to say the result because I thought it would be difficult

Wardell Armstrong

What do you know about tailings? Can you use GIS? What was your masters project on?

Anglo American

Which anglo value resonates most with you?

Gold Fields

Describe a safety incident and how did you approach this incident. How do you manage your time with multiple deadlines?

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Did they called you back after interview ? After How many days did they called you back? Menos

Orama Solutions

tell me a bit about yourself

Grupo Universal

They seem to have employee churn, so they asked if I would stay for number of years, 2-5 years, as a verbal commitment, nothing in writing.

SNCF Connect & Tech

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What is your biggest strength?

Imperial Oil

Tell us of a time you had to go against your supervisor’s instructions.

Luxor Technology (WA)

What experience do you have with mining?

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