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A un Data Mining Engineer le preguntaron...15 de noviembre de 2022

nothing to tell, i havent got an interview completely and preordered in the wedesnday this week, I just want to see others' interview questions for preparement. It's hard to say the result because I thought it would be difficult

Orama Solutions

tell me a bit about yourself


Q: introduce your paper, Q: does your paper have real world application Q: Why do you want to join bytedance

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I want to join this field, since it is related to my phd work.

Robert Bosch

Some basic pandas operations in python


First round: One leetcode medium coding question and one probability question (requires calculation) Second round: One leetcode hard questions, general statistics knowledge, and one probability question. Final round: Two probability questions and behavioral questions


What's your visa status? do you have any questions?


text mining


Only one easy/medium leetcode question during the coding module.

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I got the optimal solution (with a couple nudges but time to spare), yet apparently this was the only module where I did not "meet expectations." Shame that some presumably small mistake in my first hour was enough to discount the otherwise very strong 6 hour interview. Menos


reverse a string which I answered right but it was wrong according to them


They ask me query of second maximum salary in SQL I write down the right one but they said it's wrong and the interviewer wrote down the wrong the one

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