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A un Entry Level Technician le preguntaron...23 de enero de 2023

Why do you want to work here? What is your drive to pursue this position?

Les Schwab Tire Centers

previous work experience current schedule willingness of commitment to the work obligations and schedule.

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Correctly. I informed them of my pervious work experience, current schedule and my willingness to commit to their assigned schedule and obligations. Menos


Are you familiar with LLDP

Autism Learning Partners

How do you manage stress? How have you gone above and beyond for someone else? What experience with children do you have? Why do you want to work for ALP?

Autism Learning Partners

The interesting question I got asked is what would I do if I was stuck in an elevator with a little one and I could could bring one item; how would I use it

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Rubrics cube was my answer. First I show him and describe the cube then shuffle and make the little one put it back but if I see him getting frustrated change it up. Make him do a petter and describe it to me Menos

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Why did you leave your last job

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

What experience do you have with cars

Action Behavior Centers - ABA Therapy for Autism

What was your previous work experience like?

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Are you available for full time or part time.

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I am available for both.


Why do I want to work in Power Delivery at Liedos?

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I want to learn how GIS is applied to solve problems and manage data - Power Delivery and the expertise Leidos provides to problems in various industry sectors is top notch. I feel Leidos will be an excellent organization to begin my career in geospatial data. Menos

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