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A un Data Entry le preguntaron...27 de junio de 2017

Where you from?

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From kerala

I am from india

Im india

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US Patent and Trademark Office

· When was the last time you had an assignment that had to get completed quickly and how did you organize/manage your time. Have you ever had to do extensive research on a project, and how did you go about the research? Have you ever been given positive criticism and how did you handle it? How would u prioritize 4 applications/Projects with similar importance? Describe a time when you had to persuade someone of your point of view. What did you do and what was the outcome?

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Are you both Electrical for Detroit?

I haven't heard back yet. I think they do everything in groups, i.e. they select / notify all of the EE's (or whatever area) at once. Since the OF 306 was requested back by the 27th, I think it'll still be a few days. I have a hunch that the start date for the incoming class may be after memorial day so hopefully with 1-month notification we will know by Friday. I am EE, detroit. I have a masters in biomedical engineering. UDM / WSU. Menos

I got my offer last night. June 1 start date.

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A un Data Entry le preguntaron...16 de diciembre de 2013

None really.

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Wow I'm glad I read this because I just recently finish yahoo chat and they say they will mail me a check to get supplies. This is insane Menos

I too was just interviewed online from by a Ken Moore and a Randolph Quirk. Something just doesn't seem "right" about the whole situation. As much as I need a job, I was hired a little too quickly. Menos

I was interviewed online via yahoo messenger as well. I think something is not right, they told me they are going to send the check to me on Monday. Now I saw your guys chat history, I am 100% sure it is a scam. I guess I will just ignore them. Menos

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build a prescription class

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I did not receive an offer yet. There wasn't an option for that so I just said no offer and figured I could update it later if I did. I did get a follow up email saying the interview went great and asking me if I had any other offers. Menos

Can you guys post me how the questions will be I have my interview in next week.

hey did you get any response from them

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WellMed Medical Management
A un Data Entry le preguntaron...1 de septiembre de 2020

Three greatest strengths and weaknesses.

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This is a scam I just went through the same prosses for Data entry / Customer Service the whole this is sketchy. Never applied for this job said they found me on Career builder but non of my info was on CB. Said they would pay me $24.80 for training and $29.20 after. Asked for my DL and proof of residence to do a back ground ck. Never filed out an app of employment. I believe the Dr. interviewing has there Identity stolen. Sent me a ck for $4950. ask me to put it in my personal bank account. My bank immediately called me from fraud stating all these RED flag. I tried to message the person in trillium IM they would not respond. They emailed me and asked for my bank receipt I told them no and that the bank took the check. They immediately disappeared off trillium IM . No reply back. Be careful they are trying to get your personal info. Menos

I just had this happen to me

Did you guys email them the required documents they asked if you?? I’m asking because I’m currently going through the same situation with these scammers Menos

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why Halliburton?

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Immediately, i got a call from them next day... If u didn't get get a call from them within 2 days.. then u r disqualified from the selection process Menos

Hello, anybody have an idea about this opening "Associate Technical Professional Field Drill Bits and Services" ? I'm confused which openning I should apply for! Menos

im fresh graduated civil engineering , i'd like to work for halliburton , which courses should i take or what should i do ?! i need advise and thanks for interesting Menos

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H2 Wellness

They just asked for past experiences.

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Same here. Any updates?

Any updates? Having the same interview.

I just went through the same process on Telegram and felt it was totally sketchy. Not only did the hiring process seem too quick to be true, I politely declined after realizing the company I initially applied to had a different name! After telling me I was hired, they asked if they could trust in "my devotion" to the company which was bizarre wording... Then they said I would be receiving a brand new Mac computer, a copier/printer/scanner, office stationery, an iPhone X, etc. at no cost to me. I blocked the user and deleted the app. It just didn't feel right. Menos

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What are you passionate about ?

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As a Ui Ux Designer , My Answer It is boring to work on the same setup every day , I do a new experiment and pick up the right and new tools Menos

As a Ui Designer,, My Answer is It is boring to work on the same setup every day, so I doing a new experiment and pick up the right and new tools Menos

As a Ui Designer,, My Answer is It is boring to work on the same setup every day, so I doing a new experiment and pick up the right and new tools Menos

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Western Digital

Nothing was too difficult

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I applied as an EE major. Behavior Questions: 1. Why do you want to work for Western Digital. 2. What makes you different from every other candidate. 3. Give an instance where you faced a difficulty and how you overcame it. Techical Questions: 1. Write a sqrt function that take in a double as a parameter and return the sqrt of that double without using any library function with 4 point decimal accuracy. 2. Write a function that check to see if an integer is a palindrome. 3. Write a function that sorts 50 random integers from largest to smallest. 4. What is a buck converter. 5. Design a switch with mosfets. 6. Create an not logic gate with mosfets. Menos

Hi, I am in the process of interviewing for the FIT engineer as well and had taken the written test already. How much time did it take for them to get back to you after the test to schedule the on-site interview? Thanks in advance! Menos

Took one or two days

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They asked me to extract words from the parse tree. e.g. ((NJ (NN James) XX is) (AJ tall)) -> James is tall. Another question is to reverse a string an capitalize all the starting positions of words and lower case all the ending positions of words. e.g. Hello World -> Dlrow Olleh

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After the online interview how many more rounds of interviews were there?

def reveseCapitalize(s): s = s.lower() s = s[::-1] s = s.title() return s print(reveseCapitalize('Hello World')) Menos

The above doesn't work if there's a possibility of letters besides the first being capitalized Menos

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