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Avantguard Monitoring
A un Data Entry Clerk le preguntaron...26 de enero de 2016

Sometimes Data Entry can be kind of monotonous. Are you okay with a lot of repetition in your job?

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In my opinion, repetition isn't necessarily a bad thing. By doing work that is somewhat repetitious, you can focus on providing excellent customer service to those who are calling in. Menos


Repetition is good in a data entry position. When you are repetitive, you learn the fields your data needs to go to and you can input much more in a timely manner Menos

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DHL Supply Chain

Customer service, typing speed

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12 per minute

25 word per minute

25-30 word in minute

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Twist Bioscience

What is your Clerical speed?

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52-54 wpm was my response

Hi! I applied for the Data Entry position and interviewed me via Telegram. The interviewer said that I have done well and that she will forward my answers to her superiors for review and consideration. Would like to know about your experience on the first week working on this role. Thanks. Menos

that was a scammer pretending to be someone from this company.

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How many women I can type

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I also applied through a recruiter and interviewed on zoom and got hired on the spot. Good luck to you! Menos

Not sure how many women I can type but I can type 60+ wpm

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Envision Experience

Why I was interested in that position

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Because they help children

Because I love helping people in need of assistance


REWE Group

What is your typing speed?

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I’m a very fast and accurate typer


230 wpm

Give us three reasons why you should be hired.

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I take great pride in my job. I have ten years of cashiers experience. I'm a very hard working individual. Menos

I enjoy working with customers.

I have five years of customer service experience

Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals

After the job details were presented I was asked if I could perform the job.

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This was a complete fraud. I will always go with my gut from now on. I went as far as receiving a check from the fraudsters. The check arrived printed on COPY PAPER but I went a head and verified with the bank noted anyway. Menos

Hi, I was just wondering how did it go after the job acceptance? I just went through the same process earlier today however I too am skeptical.. Menos


Why I wanted the job

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I want to experience a new type of job. That while I am staying at home with my two year old son, I can use my free time being a data entry clerk. Also, I can help my husband with our financial needs, during this pandemic. Menos

Is a great opportunity and new experience for me!


For me to cash a check to purchase merchandise from their vendor.

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I informed them that it did not sound like a good idea if they were paying me to buy merchandise from their vendor. Menos

They did the same to me but they actually sent me a check. Was I wrong to accept it ? Menos

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