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A un Data Entry Administrator le preguntaron...7 de julio de 2022

Basic interview questions were asked

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Semcon does not recruit through Telegram. This is a scam.

Yes it is. I got scammed.

This also happened to me, it's a scam.

What skills do you bring to this role

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Ability to organise myself effectively and in a timely manner, good at working withing a team and will present my own ideas if I think it would be effective Menos


What is Kumon?

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Kumon is an after school program


How do you deal with a client that was told something would take a certain amount of time and is upset because that time has elapsed?

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cd, rm, mkdir, vim


Name some Unix commands that you know. Name some Windows commands that you know.

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Let them know that it is taking longer due to how complicated the problem is and let them know that you can call them back when it's fixed. Menos


In Outlook,what is the difference between .ost and .pst files

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OST and PST both are the data storage file of Outlook. The OST files save data for offline use while PST stores data in the client’s local disk. Menos


What steps would you take to troubleshoot a blue screen?

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Check the cable


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Energy Transfer

He asked if I had SAP experience.

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I responded that I had used the SAP application in some of my contract positions. I explained that, at each place, the application was uniformed to fit the purpose of that particular company. I used it for HR, accounting, matetial master and inventory on some assignments. Different transaction codes were utilized at each company. Menos

Tell me about yourself

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Do you have experience in data entry? (Those 2 were literally all the questions asked) Menos

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