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A un Home Based Data Encoder le preguntaron...6 de agosto de 2016

Are you willing to work without a fixed salary but you have to be eager to work as long as you have the time to encode?and this is depends on how much work youve done

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Yes iam willing to work and i want to earn and i will do the work as much i can.


I am willing to work and i want to earn because i want to provide the needs of my parents Menos

Makati Development

why you want to this company

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to share and to build my special skill and knowlegde

to improve my knowledge and skills

For a better life

Why should they hire me?

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I answered "I have a quality of a good employer possess and I have no attitude problem, willing to work well in a group and no problem about the attendance. i van contribute my organizational skills and ability to work well in a group. Flexible and how to deal with stress." Menos


Tell Me About Yourself

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Job Experience

DHL Supply Chain
A un Encoder le preguntaron...17 de agosto de 2016

Why do you feel like you are a good fit to work for DHL?

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I as a potential candidate bring a diverse level of intellect and innovation to assert myself with well over 10 years of customer service. I've gained a deeper sense of supreme productivity by following company policies and satisfying our customers at the same time. Menos

Exela Technologies

what is your idea about the company?/what are you expecting from the company?

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I am expecting the company to use its fair judgement not base on the educational achievement of their applicants wether new applicants or promotion applicants and see the potentials and skills of the person. aside from that i am expecting a good compensation that would help me cater and support my family, to be honest i don't realy have any insights about the product of the company but heard about it from friends and was aware that it is a bpo company who does most data entry jobs and i was informed that this is a place where you don't realy feel like working bec you got to chitchat even to the president of this branch on a daily basis where everyone is like a family that you wouldn't even feel any awkwardness and boundary with the management and that leads me here Menos


Tell me about yourself, job experiences

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Answer with the confident manner

DHL Express
A un Encoder le preguntaron...23 de agosto de 2017

Am I okay with hours required?

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Do you know spanish

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what is customer satisfaction for you?

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customer satisfaction is a measure of how happy and fulfilled customers are when doing business with a certain company. Menos

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