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A un Associate Account Manager (Field Sales) le preguntaron...5 de octubre de 2016

Tell me about your sales experience.

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It's good and want to be speak polite to the customers and want to interact with them that he wants to like come back to the shop again Menos

It was quite exciting. Because different types of customers comes to me and everybody have their own need. So i always try to fulfill their needs,so that they can come to us again. Menos

It’s good experience to me because i can interact with different customers that make me more knowledge and good contacts with them and also according to that i can understand there needs so we can full filling their needs. Menos

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Precision Acquisitions Direct

What attracted you to this job?

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I said “it seems interesting and knowledgable from the application and website, and i am quite creative, so marketing is definitely an intriguing thing for me....” and I added to that Menos

Nippon Express USA

We want a person who is punctual? Are you punctual?

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Questions like these most of the time.....

J. C. Penney

We were to work as a group to build a foundation and floors for a wood building. We were told the end result and what it would look like. Each person had a turn choosing the pieces to attach to the structure. In the end we assembled the building.

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We worked as a team to assemble the structure. The end result was working as one to create a improved working environment.. Other questions and responses were based on what could we do as individuals to increase interest in shopping at this department store. Menos

J. C. Penney

when it comes to work, what keeps you awake at night?

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DXC Technology

Very few questions....asked if I worked in a call center

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Several years experience in the insurance industry and licensed to sell and service insurance in multiple states. Menos


Why do you want to work for Kohls.

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I shop here constantly and I was recommended by a friend.


How far I would like to advance in the company.

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As far as I can.

Gander Outdoors

Why Gander and not Dicks or Cabellas?

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Gander mountain does not compete in other outdoor recreation like dicks and the others. I am passionate about Hunting Fishing and Camping Brands. Menos

Seattle Coffee Gear

Tell us about a time that you successfully resolved a customer problem

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