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A un Customer Marketing Manager le preguntaron...2 de julio de 2018

problem solving + strategy questions

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Could you give more detail regarding the presentation and salary range or offer?

customer retention

Transport for London

Tell us about a successful campaign that you have managed

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A Tourist Board campaign I worked on - STAR format


If I would like to join the company that has great inside culture and high values.

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And I said yes :)


what makes me a good candidate for the position I applied for.

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honestly I'm trying to make a living for my three children. I'm very enthuastic passionate, goal and detailed oriented. I'm a hard working woman and can anything I put my mind too. Menos

Solid Digital

Managerial style

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Open / Collaborative

Infinite Direct

"What do you think of the Geico commercial? Is it effective in marketing its product?"

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I said yes, but the answer was no. The interviewer was looking for me to say that Geico commercials, while funny, do not make potential clients want to buy their product. Menos

Golden Events Group

What makes you stand out from the other candidates?

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I said I am easy to train and have a lot of availability

Source Marketing Direct

What did you notice all the people in the waiting room have in common?

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I noted that they all looked young or were recent graduates.

Zoom Video Communications

Each interviewer had a very different style and asked me different things. The VP of Sales' interview was the most open-ended and freeform (i.e, "Blank slate, if you came into this job, what would you do first? How would you set things up?) (I was interviewing for a marketing role).

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Said I'd engage key stakeholders to understand top needs and priorities before proposing new programs, etc. Menos

Sagittarius Marketing

Stage 2. I then went into meet Claire for a face to face interview in the offices - which were very stylish!. Again the format was quite informal, but the questions were intelligent and at times quite in depth - they were getting a good picture of what I wanted and whether I would be a good cultural fit. I was given lots of opportunity to ask questions and fact find - it was a very open and honest discussion.

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We finished by Claire showing me all around the offices and introducing me to a couple of team members. Menos

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