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A un Creative Strategist le preguntaron...16 de agosto de 2021

Would you say you are more of a book or Video person?

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More of a video person!

We are Futures

The questions were mainly based around my answer to the task so I can't be specific, but they also asked generally about my experience.

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Again, specific to my answer to the task.


She asked how I became aware of the job opening

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A friend told me about it

Situation Group

The question that threw me the most was about my interest in live events / performances which, to be honest, I should have been more prepared for — Broadway shows are a core piece of their business.

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Honestly. I have a low interest in Broadway, which they were understanding about and open to. Menos

R.R. Donnelley

Show me what you can do for me.

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What questions do you have for me?

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Asked questions.

VIVA Creative

Are you interested in an exiting opportunity at a great company?

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Buddha Jones

Mock up movie roll out for an older pre-social media release coming out today

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Did a proposal, decent length and tons of original ideas.


Develop a strategic recommendation for a hypothetical travel agency using relevant research on social channels.

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Take-home assignment. Never got to present it though.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Not asking the same question to someone else I am interviewing here after 5 years. Menos

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