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A un Associate Country Manager - France le preguntaron...19 de agosto de 2015

What is 20% of 780?

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Calculate using only pen and paper

What(X) is(=) 20%(.20) of(times) 780. X=(.2)(780) Answer 156.


You have a cube made up of smaller cubes in a 10x10x10 format (the cube is made up of 1,000 smaller cubes). If you dip the cube so it's covered entirely in paint on the outside, how many of the smaller cubes that make up the bigger cubes are not covered in paint?

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The cube is now an 8x8x8 cube, so the answer is 512 cubes.

None of them are actually covered in paint.


Case: If someone in your team suggested that you offered all your items at a 10% discount one Sunday, would you agree to that?

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The key is to work out the P&L account of Zalando and make assumptions for cost breakdowns. There you arrive at a profit margin of 10% on the products with all the costs being fixed over a short period, which basically means you will make 0 profit if you give a 10% discount. Answer: No go. Menos

With such an answer and strictly profit driven mentality, I can imagine you were not selected. I would have try to get some credit to that employee and explore his/her suggestions, analysing the commercial impact, awareness, turnover and revenues goals on a short term. " It depends " followed by your leadership skills, tactics and analysis would helped more I guess. I wonder for which country did you apply? Menos


Best traits my former workmates would say about me.

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Worst traits my former workmates would say about me.

thank you! I made the same experience


What would you change in the product and why?

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Back then the design was old, so an obvious answer was to redesign it to bring new life Menos

Hello, I am a FB employee and I have created an interview prep guide for Facebook interviews, based on my and my colleagues' recent interview experiences. The guide has questions you should expect along with our answers that got us into Facebook. You can find it here: Thanks and good luck! Menos

to briefly draw a business plan for coming year

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i'm an experienced IT professional, so it was quite easy to mention some of most important thinks to be done in the market, so to develop the business. Menos

Monsanto Agricultura

Why did you choose us?

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I was interested in growing my career


How do I see myself after 5 years?

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Manager of a big Company


How do see the opportunities to increase the business. How would you deal with the current employees?

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Penetration of new products into the market and building closer relationship with customers. Menos

Taptap Send

What would you do with $x budget and had 1 week in sender country and 1 week in receiver country.

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I provided a clear breakdown of activities, rationale, timings and cost. Tried to be as creative and illustrate my specialist knowledge of the diaspora Menos

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