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A un Cost Estimator le preguntaron...10 de diciembre de 2011

When can you start?

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I need to be sure my current boss finds a replacement for me. This could take the full two weeks. Menos


Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

Can you make a face to face visit to the team on occasion ?

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Yes, but if there is no shuttle that runs on the base, since taxi cabs are not allowed on the base, someone would have to pick me up from the gate. Menos



If a sales rep. asked you to complete a cost estimation on a job in 3 days but you knew now matter what you did you would not be able to accomplish it in less than 5 days what would you do?

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I would explain that it would take longer and why .

i would give a price for three days then bury them in extras

How many pickets can fit inside a 10’ x 6’ Fake Taxi, if ya know what I mean.

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69, Nice, then I chuckled

Toscano Clements Taylor

Apart from standard general questions, they were particularly interested in my experience with "estimates reconciliation with the client"

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I have experience in this aspect of estimates reconciliation, which has been part of my numerous duties as an Estimator Menos

Protect Controls

What are your best and worst qualities?

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Best is that I am very intelligent and a very quick learner. Worst is I tend to get bored easily with non-sophisticated work and I'm not afraid to stand up for myself if need be. Menos


Tell me your best skill

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I have proven internationa experience and top portfolio. HAYS NEVER replies in any form. Very ignorant and I tried experimenting by applying to DEFINATELY fake job posts. Some online several months, please see). Menos

United Technologies

Tell us how your experience could be useful in this role?

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I mentioned I hav experience in Aerospace companies or type of i this type of industries, I also mentioned how I have experience Excel in my previous job, what are the basics of this tool as well as shared examples in how I've been using it in the past. It is very important to mention that you are a team player and you have no issues with longer hours at work if needed, Menos

Oxford Solutions

Inquired about my experience and work ethics as that pertains to the position

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Precision 2000 (P2K)

Can you tell me about yourself

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I told about my background, my communications skills and solving problems when it is needed. Also the importance for me of teamwork and what I look for a company and expectations in the future. Menos

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