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BCD Travel
A un Corporate Travel Consultant le preguntaron...10 de abril de 2016

Give an example of a customer service experience?

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When costumer's expectation are exceeded

Gave an example of good customer service.

Can you work certain hours?

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yes. i am flexible.

Industry Experience, where have you worked before and for how long

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brief elevator introduction about my experience

World Travel

I was asked about my work history and abilities. My schedule availability and work from home access.

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I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years and my resume spoke for me.

Serco Group

Tell me about a time you had an irate customer on the line. What was the scenario and how did you handle it?

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just be honest, I'm sure you've all dealt with an angry customer at one point or the other. Menos

Travel Leaders Group

I don't recall exact questions but they are typical of the travel industry. Describe how you handle stress with overwhelming call volume, tell me about some complicated international tickets you had to issue

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I answered the international question based on prior experience I have had doing ticketing Menos


They were all travel related questions

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If you join the organisation you will have to work 24x7, no fixed week-offs?

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If one is working in a proper travel industry, there are fixed timings and week-offs. The part of the organisation I worked was a BPO type, that is why these conditions were required to be fulfilled. Menos

What would you do if your workday was ending and you couldn't have overtime, but you couldn't finish all of your work?

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I told my interviewer that I would not leave. Otherwise, I would keep the problem in my mind all day and night. Menos

Vision Travel Solutions

Experience and overall knowkedge

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Over 25 years of experience

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