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A un After Hours Corporate Travel Agent le preguntaron...16 de octubre de 2015

Can you work certain hours?

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yes. i am flexible.

Industry Experience, where have you worked before and for how long

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brief elevator introduction about my experience

World Travel

I was asked about my work history and abilities. My schedule availability and work from home access.

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I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years and my resume spoke for me.

Serco Group

Tell me about a time you had an irate customer on the line. What was the scenario and how did you handle it?

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just be honest, I'm sure you've all dealt with an angry customer at one point or the other. Menos


If you join the organisation you will have to work 24x7, no fixed week-offs?

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If one is working in a proper travel industry, there are fixed timings and week-offs. The part of the organisation I worked was a BPO type, that is why these conditions were required to be fulfilled. Menos


They were all travel related questions

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Working Solutions

About past travel agent experience

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I described my experience with other agencies and going to travel school.

IACE Travel

Have you ever dealt with anything Japanese before?

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I volunteer for a Japanese Exchange dinner that has High school kids from Japan practice their English on us after a day at Kennedy Space Center. Menos


Tell us about yourself.

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This was the first question for all of us and I was the only one who didn't get any further questions, as well as the only one who got an offer. You can tell them everything in this question alone. Here's my answer, leaving out many details because it was long enough as it is. "If you look at my life profile I think the following things stand out: I love learning, enjoy working with many different kinds of people, and tend to be one of the best workers in any group. Since I was a little kid I've been learning all kinds of skills which I've freelanced and volunteered. Even started a small business around it. Now I want to get more experience within a team and I chose CWT because I find the topic and the people here very interesting. As you can see from my previous experience I always chose to work in places that offered those two things. There I had the chance to take on leadership roles and teach and solve disputes with my team, and we managed to land the highest ever positive review score. I look at CWT and I see 3 things are needed for the job, a fast and good learner for the large amount of info we have to handle, a good personality that enjoys the working environment and makes everyone around feel better, and an excellent worker that can be fast and maintain quality, and I believe I can fill the role perfectly and be a good asset to the company for these reasons." Menos


Name a time you had a disagreement with your manager

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I had a manager that did not know the tools we worked with. It was difficult to deal with her or go to her with problems because she could not help us. Menos

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