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A un Corporate Secretary le preguntaron...28 de noviembre de 2017

1. Why are you interested in the healthcare industry? 2. Is there a reason why you applied for NUHS instead of NHG or Singhealth? 3. What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years? 4. What am I looking for in a job? 5. What is your greatest weakness?

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Thank you

Give up something to nation Near my location Promotion Progressions Pay

3E Accounting

What do you know about the role of a corporate secretary?

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Answered with the job scope of a secretary but interview explained nicely in great detail. Menos

GW Communications

Do you have experience using Excel?

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Yes, as a matter a fact, I use excel quite a bit at my last job.

Weil Gotshal

Are you able to work overtime if needed?

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TMF Group

Related to my work profile.

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Based on my experience.


Job Experience, Background Study, How long can stay with the Company

Shelter Afrique

How would you go about resolving conflicts among Directors and host country?

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Such conflict require understanding genesis of the conflicts and facilitating discussions as in the long run, all parties need to be on the same page the achieve the mission of an intergovernmental organization Menos


Do you understand the job scope that you apply? Do you know what is our company do?

TMF Group

Tell me about yourself. Skills you can bring to TMF. Strengths & Weakness


what is the strength and weakness and some question based on scenario to ask you what would u do.

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