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A un Corporate Sales le preguntaron...6 de junio de 2012

Why Apple??

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Work famous number one multi national mobile phone company

Apple is that best

I loved

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Al-Futtaim Group

Past Experience

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Sales indoor

Three years experience in mechanical q inspector gadget

I have lots of learn past experienced. Bcz i m very struggle in my life. I m thankful to all of company whenever i m working. I hope if u give me chance than i can prof. Menos

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Qatar Airways

Why Qatar Airways ? Why Doha?

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Ilove qathar and i would like to join qatar airways because safejob in qatar airways Menos

nice than ilike it

Is there anyone who gave interview on March 2019 at Mumbai Hilton hotel????

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National Oilwell Varco

What do you do on a day to day basis?

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Based on my routine job, First of all, I have to check out all the email and queries come to my desk. Order today's work schedule and plant for collecting regarding database and related standards. Cross check every. True points. If it's testing or documents My majority of work behaviour is Quality Control / Quality Assurance, documentation and significant understanding of the standards and Specifications, which belongs to the manufacturing criteria. Laboratory Testing, analyzing and Laboratory skills. Water Distillation Units, waste water Plants and raw water analyzing, Optical emission Spectrometers, TGA Q50, DSC and FTIR, etc, Physical Testing and Calibration measuring of Hardness, Strength, and other Disintegration testes, GC, Karl Fischer titration, Spectroscopy, and FTIR like identification test. Trained in OOS (Out of specification) investigation and preparing related documents. Maintaining records of all laboratory instruments and chemicals, according to SOP’s. Manage and deals customer s and other third party inspectors from factory inspection. Ensure health and safety of all subordinates and other Co staffs. . Responsible to handle and distributing of MTR’s (material Trial Request) and approval of GRN’s based on the tests, (goods received not) Menos

Seeking for job

First and foremost start my day with checking my email and what are the things happens when I am not there in office I will get knowledge about that Menos

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Palmetto Primary Care Physicians

Do you have children....

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This is an illegal question and should not be answered.



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The Cheesecake Factory

Are you comfortable working for an extremely demanding person. Interview overall was very easy, no overly difficult questions.

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Yes I'm

I hold myself to an extremely high standard. Working with a demanding person is not an issue at all. Menos


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BJ's Restaurants

Tell them about my background.

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I've been an server for 10 yrs very happy.

Was train back in 2000 to 2006 at seelbach work hard I'm age 59, still doing Banque at hotels and washes dish difference places like anthem, and ups head quarter. I'also ride city bus. Menos


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Nesco Resource

What made u apply for the position?

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Looking for a great team to be apart of

Im interested in this position and to apply my skills as Electromechanic graduate. Menos

I like job store keeper

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Tractor Supply

tell me about yourself, what are your career goals, why tractor supply, have you ever visited a store before etc.

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I feel like i would be a great addition to the team. I dont have alot of experience but i have waitressed and know customer service and have handled money. Everyone sees me as friendly and very headstrong. Menos

I eventually wanna move up to management. I have above average IQ and I'm ready to be taught and show my full potential. Menos

I worked on a farm in Lincoln,Ne for nearly 5 years and we were frequent consumers of tractor supply. My goals are, to find a job in this area that fit into the line of work I've been used to in the past. I love Tractor Supply , great customer service, helpful staff. I would love to become a team member. Menos

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Bass Pro Shops

Why I wanted to work at Bass Pro Shops

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My passion for the industry and field I was applying for.

Add more knowledge to abilities by talking with other people who fish and hunt

I was loved bass pro when i work there but i had relocated work picking packing drove forklift and pallet jack work for suzie Snyder lead schull. For like 6yrs springfield mo warehouse Menos

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