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A un Control Systems Technician Share to Social Media le preguntaron...24 de abril de 2016

How many wires on a 3-phase motor?

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3 ungrounded wires (power lines) + 1 grounding wire

3 ungrounded wires (power lines) + 1 grounding wire

FIVE wires namely three face L which is three wires one wire for earth and one grand wire Menos

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Ventura Foods

Are you willing to work weekends and to stay late?

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Duty time to time no late also hand over next shift I wait for next shift guys come Menos

I 'm free call you

My phone no +966593170684

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What do you expect from this position?

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take more experience and progress my work about quality

Will has more experience and earn more money

Will has more experience. and earn more money

Kaneka Texas

The interviewer asked me if I could handle working with a variety of men where most probably didn't know how to act appropriately around women. Really? Yes, really!

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My response was "yes, I can handle myself and any issues that arise...and I expect the company to be able to do the same." Menos

Thus question was probably asked because of the cultural norms in the petrochemical industry. Most technicians/operators tend to have rather rough language and tend to poke fun at each other is a rough manner. This rough and tough behavior has been a cultural norm is this particular industry for generations. Basically the question asks if you have a thick skin. Menos

Protech Group


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Have worked in paint for 24 years

I had worked in Quality for 10 years.

Arrow Exterminators

Can you work Saturdays?

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If I could start that night.

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I said no I just pulled in from driving all night from Florida. Could I please start the next day. Menos

I can accept that


What was a situation where you had an issue that involved multiple people in the work place to resolve?

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Related to past experience where a defective product was spotted and there was a proper chain of command through clerks and management to make them aware and resolve the issue. Menos

I am a US veteran. I served in the Navy for 5 years before I was honorably discharged. One time we practiced for emergency gas drills on ship. I was a new sailor so I did not know anything. I wore my gas mask but I did not get an important part on the mask. That's why I could not breathe. They released poison gas into the room. My mask did not work. I nearly choked to death . I fell to the floor. Work is dangerous, anything can happen. Be smart. Be safe. Do not try this at home. David Briggs. USS Mcinerney#8. Mayport, Florida Menos

Rentokil Initial

What’s your Five year plan

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To build on an existing area and move forward the growth business

I want Rentokil top most leading in all worlds.. before we all very struggling of everything department wise. We all our responsibility done date by date .. after than Rentokil company. World in top most places Menos

Santini Foods

If you encounter a production problem at and your manager are off duty, what would you do? Will you stop production?

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If you work grave shift and no one to call, Which is normal. Make sure to coordinate with the acting supervisor at the time and make sure of a plan. But it safety issue of foreign material issue, right away You stop the line but if it’s quality issue, I personally will let it run and put the product on hold and let the QA Manager/Supervisor decide on what to do the next day. Menos

No! You do not have the right to stop production. Best way is to always keep a list of phone numbers of production manager, R&D manager, and QA manager. They all expect calls even when they are off duties. Always get authorization from a manager before you stop the production. Menos

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