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What do you know about 21 buttons?

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How would it be a creative, original campaign for a seasonal topic?

Would you outsource content creation?

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Are you comfortable working under pressure

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"Our browsing directory structure (send flowers to $city/$country - for example: is made out of 1600 pages. Suppose that about 20% of those 1600 pages bring 80% of the revenue. Assume that some pages have no content right now. Prepare a plan to create content for the entire directory, with timing, resources, and cost. Don't overdo it - I just want a short Excel with your thoughts." "How would you improve conversion rate?" "How would you structure your own Acquistion department: roles, activities, budget? Again, this should be a short exercise"

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Preguntas de tipo orientativo sobre la experiencia laboral, permisos de trabajo, cómo podría contribuirle a la empresa, etc.

If you had a website to manage, what metrics would you track?

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