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Booz Allen Hamilton
A un Management Consulting Senior Consultant le preguntaron...26 de noviembre de 2012

"What else can you tell me that would make me interested in hiring you?"

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I gave examples of previous experiences and how I, step by step, addressed a specific business problem from start to finish and I emphasized that these business skills would translate over to the interviewer's company. Menos

*fit not "fie".

Ask yourself a question: Have you ever behaved like you believe a BAH employee would? I have. I work with BAH employees, and from the outside looking in I can name a few behavioral traits that make me a good fie: Integrity, Professionalism and Competence. Read the company's core value statements and make sure to take ownership of them. Menos

Booz Allen Hamilton

The "unexpected" factor came in the generalized form of the "case" question. As best I can remember, the question was a hypothetical about a large federal client engaging the firm to optimize their IT portfolio. Almost no details were specified, and subsequent questions in response to the ideas I offered did not provide many particular parameters to consider.

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I responded with a framing based around a similar IT performance management project I had worked on as an independent consultant. I don't remember any particularly positive or negative responses to the answer that I gave. Menos


Why do you want to work here over other big 4 firms?

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A good friend of mine had explained the culture within the particular business area I was applying for. Menos


Questions were not from a fixed pattern but use to come from the conversation from the interviewers and also questions from summer internship has a bigger pie.

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1. be thorough to ur summer internship 2. have a basic understanding of few subjects which can be projected as ur favourite subject. Menos

Cognizant Technology Solutions

They give you a case and you need to present in front of your colleagues

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Be sure of points and be concise

Booz Allen Hamilton

Tell me about your weakness as a consultant?

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Ugh. They typical questions. I just kept it positive. I didn't give the standard "workaholic" I was honest and said I was taking a class in that area to improve. Menos

Capgemini Invent

Why should we hire you as Consultant

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Good knowledge and getting knowledge thinking and growth also


Why are you looking to change jobs

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Direction of business unit not in line with personal goals


A medium sized medical network or regional health organization is considering the purchase and implementation of an Electronic Medical Record system. What are some of the issues that the organization should consider and develop a plan for to be successful.

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The typical answer involved the PPS (or PPT) model, focusing on People, Process, and Systems (or Technology). Advanced answers would require some knowledge of healthcare systems, such as coding data standards, loading of prior medical data, and external integration. Menos


generic questions: strengths, weaknesses, succession plans, motivations etc.

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do your best to identify open reqs including locations and levels and then tell them whatever you can best predict they want to hear Advice? Don't get comfortable or informal (not that anyone ever REALLY does) and continue "yes, sounds great" even if they ask you polar/contradictory statements. If you try to pinpoint open reqs, don't get too honest about location desires, workstream preferences, level of perceived experience (entry, experience, mgr, sr etc.), or leanings of any kind as even though not malicious, I believe it can easily be used to screen you right out of what you don't really know is available and will have trouble pinpointing, confirming, or validating. I have never heard of Accenture turning someone down at this stage so to me, it had to be something in my blind spot that transpired. Menos

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