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A un Consulting Manager le preguntaron...10 de septiembre de 2018

Introduce yourself

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Hi sir my name is Kumaravel I looking driving job,working in Singapore (2006 to still continue vita enterprise same company on work permit.I am study ITl Electrician . My job is store in charge and driving to worker pick up and drop 14feet lorry I have class3 license with 4 years experience any vacancy pls reply me Menos

Why should we hire you?

I am shanmugapriya from chennai, india. I had completed MBA HR and Finance during 2014-16 with 70%. And I had experience in the field of logistics as business coordinator cum customer support team lead. My husband name is Mr. Madhanagopal and he is an mechanical engineer. Menos


Asked several times: "Tell me about yourself". I do not think the interviewers were prepared at all. In one interview was asked about a specific situation and what "method" I would use to solve the problem.

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The method question: I answered that I would need more specific information if this was real life but given the information I have, I would probably use a specific approach to problem solving. Menos

Remember the context in which the question was asked. It was posed to you to provide a challenging situation/problem and how you responded. Your job as an interviewee is not to judge the interviewer but sell yourself and ask questions as needed if a question is unclear. The "Method" as described works well and ensures that you have done your research about the organization prior. Menos


Tell me of a Project where you ran over budget.

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Reduced the head count and asked client to bring more resources to table.

1. Assess Budget vs Actual Spend. Get burn rate , $ required to complete project, calculate Variance 2. Break delivery into phases, if possible. Research potential to request additional Budget. 3. Substitute high $ resources with low $, w/o negative impact to Quality & Timeline 4. Manage Scope, Quality, Resources to keep under Budget 5. Keep Client updated Daily on project spend 6 Keep Partners in loop daily Menos


Case questions

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Study the cases on the Deloitte website and pay attention to the resolution



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I am S.Greeshma from palamaner.Am pursuing final B.Tech in stream of computer science and engineering in Mother Theresa.My percentages are 79.56 in B.Tech , 89.6 in Intermediate,92.0 in SSC.My hobbies are learning new things from others and sharing updates with my friends.My strenght is to be part of enthusiastic environment.My weekness is move friendly with everyone. Menos


How did I handle a difficult client (consulting)

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This looks so good:

I would try to communicate with the person. Even though they are tricky, they are still humans so listening what they want first and then reply with them Menos


Wanted to know the entire career profile

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Briefed him on my career span

I worked as an environmentalist for 8 months


What salary are you looking to make.

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I answered this very specifically - the recruiter is looking to weed people out with this question. You're either in the range the company is willing to pay or you're out of the range. Save everyone's time and answer this question directly. Menos

Not yet decided.

Are you confident enough to manage your work? How independently you can work?

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I am extremely confident.

What one of my strengths was

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I have a unique ability to communicate with a variety of people on all levels. I am a great technical, people manager and teacher Menos

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