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A un Concept Artist le preguntaron...28 de noviembre de 2022

They asked me the general questions of this kind of interviews. Experience, etc

_come te lo immagini tuo ruolo ? _saresti disponibile al trasferimento in Canada ?


How would you approach drawing xyz if it were put in front of you?


What skills do you bring


What things interest me the most within concept art


Talk about which artist you like and why?

Monolith Productions

One question that I remember in particular was how comfortable I would be creating environments that were completely imaginative and did not have any basis in the real world.

Keen Software House

Can you make a concept art within two weeks?

they asked me to choose between loyalty or honest

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I choose to be honest

Blizzard Entertainment

How are you experimenting with new technologies and techniques?

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I covered the technologies that I've already incorporated (3d modularity, hybrid workflows, procedural texturing, 2d modularity etc.) as well as technologies I'm aiming to explore more (VR sculpting, AI generation for textures, etc) Menos

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