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A un Concept Artist le preguntaron...14 de marzo de 2017

Pourquoi Ubisoft? Pourquoi Concept Artist? Quelles sont vos anciennes expériences? Votre éducation en digital painting? Maitrisez-vous la 3D?

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Forment ils un peut à la 3D en tant que concept artist ? Combien de temps a duré l'adaptation ? Menos

Some concept artist use Blender or sketch up to aid in concept art.

THQ Nordic

why do you want to live in montreal

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because I want to try new things.

B-Water Animation Studios

What material and program do you usually work with?

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I draw with graphic tablet and Photoshop.

Backflip Studios

No common questioning

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Can you describe what you work inspire

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My work inspire form manything : life experience


Asked about influences and how they contributed to my work.

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I just gushed about Corey Loftis, and how he was my hero.

Saber Interactive

you are available to do UI design?

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it's ok but only if it's really required

Blizzard Entertainment

How are you experimenting with new technologies and techniques?

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I covered the technologies that I've already incorporated (3d modularity, hybrid workflows, procedural texturing, 2d modularity etc.) as well as technologies I'm aiming to explore more (VR sculpting, AI generation for textures, etc) Menos


They asked my salary requirements.

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At least $30,000/year. They said this would be illegal to pay me as it would be below the minimum wage for California. Menos

Toni & Guy

Nothing pertained to being a hair stylist, merely how you could make him money

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Nothing, he is a money hungry individual and the whole interview was more focused on him. Menos

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