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A un Data Scientist/Computer Vision le preguntaron...29 de junio de 2019

What makes you special -- that makes you stand out over everyone else. Heh heh --

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There is a lot that makes me a one-off but what was interesting to me was this interviewer who had drunk deep from the affirmative action milkshake and was mediocre at best, could not find anyone good enough for her. These kinds of hypocrites are tiresome and so lacking in self awareness. Menos


1. How do you remove noises from an Image? 2. How do you build an algorithm for unsupervised learning?

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I discussed various image noise removal algorithms. I related them with real-world applications since they were looking forward to building an OCR based product. Menos

Silo AI

why you want to join Sil.AI what is your technical background


Questions based on personal project, computer vision

Leica Biosystems

They asked me to describe my previous experience.


What are the approaches to avoid overfitting in CNN?


What is the difference between parametric and non-parametric models


Detect the largest palindrome, they were looking for the quadratic time solution


Detect a palindrome


What is the bag of words model

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