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Lockheed Martin
A un Computer Scientist le preguntaron...20 de enero de 2023

Tell me about a time you overcame a technical challenge.


Mostly asking about my previous projects and how I've done them. Some questions about the NGS and panel design.

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Talking about my previous experiences.

US Air Force

Describe a project you were proud of.


Mainly on core java and its principles


They ask can I set up a server Can I mount a raiod on a mack Can I backup information on a server to a backup server


Leetcode Medium Questions Java LLD Airport Management System HLD Secret Service

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Can you add the DSA questions that were asked.

National Security Agency

If you had access to one computer in a network, how would you go about discovering other devices in the netwrok

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Using something like nmap, nc or nessus to explore the network to gain information. Menos


Coding interview of python programming

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I could successfully solve the problem


write code for a thread scheduler


Write a code to print nth element of the fib series

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