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Techno Comp
A un Computer Programmer/Analyst le preguntaron...18 de octubre de 2017

Tell me about yourself?

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Pretty well

Pacific Gas and Electric

What would you do if you were having a conflict with another employee?

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First, i would presume innocence and then i would approach the other employee to see what we could do to mediate the situation without further missunderstandings. Menos

Mitchell Martin

technical about join select in DB2

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my answer was correct

San Diego State University

What language program do you know?

Persistent Systems

What, Why kind of questions


They do big data work so be ready to answer stuff about big data

Kyra Solutions

Starting from object-oriented programming concepts, to hibernate, spring, jquery, data structure, RDBMS and core concept questions. There were few design and algorithm questions too.

Bhuvi IT Solutions

Qué es React Por qué todo es un elemento en React

Hitachi Vantara

Everything was around my skills mentioned in my resume


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