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Maruti Suzuki
A un Computer Operator le preguntaron...24 de octubre de 2017

Oldest job expected

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I am fresher

I am fresher

My oldest company is the best company but my goal is growth

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Reliance Industries

this is moet important that the company must take some decesion to gave chance to talented student.

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compony can gave chance

First of all it's most not Moet if you are looking for a talented people there are about 1.3 billion people living in India who are smart and better to think and give different ideas and no mention hard working Menos


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Disney Parks

what is your best asset

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organizational skills

By ability to think on my feet in a fast paced environment

Team player

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do you have a criminal history

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I don't have a criminal history then or any year and I hope there's not some one with a similar name with one. Now days every one check out background and credit standing. I mean everyone, from people you may date. To clubs you may want to participate in. It's absolutely impairitve to behave yourself and keep your word. Menos

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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First Flight Couriers

can you work on every season regularly

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Delhi Press

about yourself

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Payless ShoeSource

Typical questions about my experience, how I got along with co-workers and management in the past, how I handled difficult situations.

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I'm a people person and got along with everyone. I have never had any issues with working with the team. I always did what was asked of me and have a good temperament. Menos

I'm very easy going, hard working, very dependable person. I will do what needs to be done at all times no matter what. Menos

I work well with all personalities, really a people person. Im a real easy going person. Have very rarely experienced a coworker i didnt get along with. But if a case come about that couldnt be resolved between the two i would request a superviser. If there was a case that was to difficult to handle. Menos

Visa Inc.

What were you previous job duties?

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Upazilla accounts office

Another great piece of content from Rooftop Slushie:

Gave a brief description of the work I did in my previous job.

Do you think you are the one that we are looking for?

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Stock Holding Corporation of india ltd

they asked me about my last organization and about my responsibility. they also asked me about my last salary package and about my family background.

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I was replied everything about they asked me.

My last organization was Junglee Pictures Limited (Times of India Group Company)

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