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A un Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Engineer le preguntaron...30 de enero de 2021

simple technical questions about turbomachinary calculations

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prepare well and search who is going to interview

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In all your publications, which one do you like the most ?

Flow Science

What is the difference between explicit and implicit solver


Explain the different turbulence models


Definizione di mesh strutturata, vantaggi e svantaggi

General Fusion

My previous projects that I worked before on them.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Describe the most difficult parts in your research and how do you solve them.


Tell us about an example where you were under intense pressure or felt out of your depth – how did you resolve it? A demanding client is asking you to change something in your CFD model that you know isn’t significant and won’t change the results. Making the change will result in delays and added costs. How do you approach the issue?

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