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A un Computational Biologist le preguntaron...8 de enero de 2023

How would your colleagues describe you?

Prescience Insilico

Basic interview questions, experience, when do I want to join


When clustering and annotating scRNA-seq data, at what point are you confident that your clustering and annotation is correct?


The hackerrank was a 3 hour exercise involving mapping of PDB protein sequences to their primary structure. Take home assignment at Kaggle requested the use of deep learning tools to annotate the Pfam database. Technical interview had questions regarding structural biology principles and bioinformatical algorithms (BLAST, Smith-Waterman etc).

Loxo Oncology

Whats your experience with molecular modeling?

The Broad Institute

Describe past research experiences, why do you want to join this team.

The Broad Institute

Tell us about your research experience.


cfDNA related, maternal fraction and fetus fraction calculation

D. E. Shaw Research

they read my research and asked me a series of questions regarding flaws in my logic

Bristol Myers Squibb

What's you plan for you career and do you plan to do a PhD degree?

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