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The Broad Institute
A un Associate Computational Biologist le preguntaron...30 de noviembre de 2017

Finding duplicates in list, tree type question, machine learning approaches for the problem the team is working on (very high-dimensional), statistics problem

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They seemed more concerned about thought process than correctness.

I will have the onsite interview next week, could you tell more about the interview details? Menos


I asked if they thought I was a good fit

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The hiring manager said I was overqualified and suggested I apply for another position at the company. He facilitated that process and although the position was offered to another candidate it was a very positive experience. Menos

Adaptive Biotechnologies

what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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African or European?


What is your experience with object oriented languages?

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I have a fair understanding of python but am not a trained software engineer.

Deep Genomics

Questions about my experience working with machine learning. Questions about regularization. Probability questions /Bayes theorem. Python algorithms.

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Can you please tell us more about the coding part? Also how detailed were the questions about ML algorithms and techniques? Menos

The Broad Institute

Tell me about your research interests.

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Hi, how was the technical interviews? can you please explain the process in details? Many thanks. Menos

The Broad Institute

There were a number of questions ranging from what is the central dogma of biology to some basic CS interview questions

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Just need to showcase basic understanding of algorithms and general biology


I was asked three questions, two about the company and one technical question ( write a function that computes the reverse and complementary of a DNA sequence).

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I wrote the script in R on a google doc, that the PI emailed me before the interview. The PI was really friendly and to peaky at all. They gave me extra 30 mins to finish it. Menos

BC Cancer

General questions are asked during the first round. Questions such as your knowledge of code management systems, various bioinformatics software, and etc. The actual technical part of the interview is a rather complex problem that will be emailed to you and further discretion on how to deliver the results.

Oxford Gene Technology

I was asked some specific technical questions about the data that I presented in my talk, which I hadn't considered.

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