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Ampegon Power Electronics
A un Commissioning Engineer le preguntaron...27 de enero de 2023

Raccontare qualche esperienza nella messa in servizio di apparecchiature ad alta potenza.


What were some previous projects?

Giza Systems

The interview process is the step-by-step method used by employers to screen and select new hires. Although the requirements that make up the interview stages may vary according to the industry or the type of position you're applying for, the overall progression of the screening stage remains mostly the same.


What is your knowledge of DSPs

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1)can you check current using multimeter 2) Your Engineering subject name 3) PLC basic programing


In a Room, if CO2 level is above the setpoint and temperature is below setpoint, what happens to the airflow control.

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When CO2 exceeds the setpoint, temperature control is overriden until the CO2 is within normal limits. So, first airflow is modulated to bring CO2 levels below setpoint. Followed by, damper maintaining minimum airflow to support temperature control for heating. Menos

Radisson Hotel Group

Decribe , what do you know about HACCP

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Hazzard Analysis Critical Control point

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz

its all about you stream and all about automation

Kirby Group

Talk us through your experience


Hobbys? Disponibilidad de viaje? Estás titulado? (Ya que es indispensable para este puesto)

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