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A un Commissioning Engineer le preguntaron...9 de abril de 2016

Are you comfortable working at high heights and in extreme weather conditions(hot, cold and windy)

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Yes I can since it’s my profession

Yes iam comfortable at any heights and extreame weather conditions

Doosan Heavy Industries

What is girder

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I dont know

A machine use grinder something ,2. A molar tooth


What are the mode of Heat Transfers taking place in a Boiler

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Conduction and convection both way heat is transfers

Radiation conduction and convention by all this method heat is transfer

Elsewedy Power Systems Project

what is the generator typical protection?

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Differential protection

On which project you are currently working

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King Khalid University Abha


In a Room, if CO2 level is above the setpoint and temperature is below setpoint, what happens to the airflow control.

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When CO2 exceeds the setpoint, temperature control is overriden until the CO2 is within normal limits. So, first airflow is modulated to bring CO2 levels below setpoint. Followed by, damper maintaining minimum airflow to support temperature control for heating. Menos


Explain the Water steam cycle process in power plant

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Just explain about your experience and focus on the main equipment / process flow / interlocks / sequence Menos

TRC Companies

What kind of projects have you worked on? what kind of protection schemes have you commissioned? what type of relays have you tested?

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What can I do

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I told them I can do anything, but I need a mentor and leadership first, to guide me in the right path, then I will ask the right questions to make me excellent Menos


What is your knowledge of DSPs

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