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A un Commissioning Agent le preguntaron...31 de julio de 2019

Describe how hvac operates and integrates into a system

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HVAC works in conjunction with the heating and cooling inside the plant. There are several layers to this. You have general air handling which heats and cooking’s spaces not critical to the process. There is then general makeup air handling which helps heat and cool the areas between the critical process and the general rooms. At last is the Critical air handling. This is used in rooms that are critical to a process. The filtering in this space is also of the umpt most importance due to the sensitivity of the process (Chip Fabs, pharma or medical device). You then tie in exhaust systems which expel air outside of the process and help recycle heated or cooled air to make the system run effortlessly and efficient. Menos

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Did have a insurance agent license and why I wanted to become an agent.

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No. Can see the need an opportunity for making money

RMF Engineering

Why do you want to work at RMF?

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I mentioned that I wanted to be at a company that was growing in a positive direction, with a solid track record of success. Menos

Health Reform Team

Are you licensed? Do you seek agent training? We have a National Training Class starting Monday. Can you sent me $100.00 get these contracts signed today?

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Shame on me, I acted in hast and worked a year. They have my commissions and I have extensive debt to fullfill their demands. Menos

Jasmine Engineering

What the differences between LEED Enhance versus LEED fundamental commissioning?

What would be your approach when interacting with a new prospective client.

Jasmine Engineering

What are the differences between Austin Green Building Standards and LEED Commissioning?

DaVinci Financial and Insurance Associates

Not a structured interview. This tackily dressed young man just collected the resumes that the company already had and asked what our biggest takeaway from the video was.

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