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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
A un Clinical Chemistry Medical Laboratory Technologist le preguntaron...25 de septiembre de 2016

common behavoiural questions and some technical questions

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study your csmls notes


What instruments do you currently use in the laboratory?

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Are you able to perform tissue cell culturing?

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System

How many years have I been in the field? How many test in-house have I handled before? Why was I interested in coming to Tyler?

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26 years, any where from 125-180 I lived in Tyler before and I have family-friends near. Menos

Mayo Clinic

How did you handle a project you weren't familiar with? Can you describe a time when you had to use attention to detail? Why do you want to work for Mayo? There were about 10 questions total.

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Use the STAR or SHARE technique. Take your time and they even allow you to pass.

Mount Sinai Health System

tell me about your self?

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ask license

Mayo Clinic

Describe a situation in which you independently improved upon the quality of your work processes, products, or services. How did you recognize the need for improvement in the first place?

Mayo Clinic

Describe a situation where communication with a coworker was a challenge.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

what are the WBC populations? what is the ratio for coagulation tubes?

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

When did you work last time? And why did you leave there?


How would you deal with a coworker that you don't get along with very well?

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