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University of Washington
A un Clinical Laboratory Technician I le preguntaron...22 de abril de 2021

They asked me to go over my resume with them

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I focused on my previous lab work

University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics

Will you be able to adhere to an early schedule?

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I let them know that I would be available when the team needed me.

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories

Explain how PCR works

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Polymerase chain reaction. The addition of nitrogenous bases to a sample of DNA that is being split apart and put back together through heating and cooling in order to amplify the original sample. Menos


Would being in a Marshfield troubles you? (it is middle of no where) Tell me about your lab work What is your long and short term plan Nothing outside of the box

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No comment


What do you like about working in a team?

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Communication is key.


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Upstate Medical University

What are your career goals for the next 5 years?


Do you have experience with automated liquid handlers?


How do you think you'll like living in Marshfield?


What do you look for in a company culture?

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