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Northside Hospital
A un Clinical Laboratory Scientist le preguntaron...17 de septiembre de 2018

Why would do like to work for Northside Hospital?

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I would like to service patient with my skills.

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

Why should we hire you?

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Based on my experience, I believe that I fit within the lab department.

Biogenea Pharmaceuticals

Details related to my Scientific Background and professional skills

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According to my C.V

Randox Laboratories

Common questions about myself and previous roles followed by more specific questions about their products, and a specific concept of a kind of drug.

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I didnt know the specif questions about their product line in toxicology.

Memorial Healthcare System - South Florida

Where do I see myself in their organization in 5 years.

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Utilizing their generous tuition reimbursement benefit to obtain my master degree. Menos

What are your weaknesses?

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Procrastination. But one way I have learned to overcome this, is by making a to do list,to break the task into bite sizes and tackling them one at a time over a defined time period. Menos

Not finding solution to a problem.

University of Michigan

What is your job now

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Medical technologist with 5 years of total experience as generalist

Johnson & Johnson

Why are you qualified for the job?

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I listed my credentials and work experience

Keck Medicine of USC

Please describe your current day to day work flow.

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I work in a IV sterile compounding pharmacy as a pharmacy intern . My day starts every morning at compounding room receiving, and compounding prescriptions. Menos

Keck Medicine of USC

Would you be ok working with COVID specimens?

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