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A un Client Success Manager le preguntaron...13 de julio de 2017

Would you be willing to take your 20 years of management experience and throw it away to come work for peanuts?

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Dumbo worked for peanuts too and he was famous!!!

The top reps are making 70K plus a year. If that's peanuts, you're nuts.

Considering hard work doesn't scare most people from an opportunity with an industry leader, yes. We would. Menos


Tell me about your experience at company XYZ...

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It was a report that you would use for a client, needed to simplify it, calculate some %, etc. There were also questions about KPIs to measure clients’ success. Menos

You are asked to analyse data and present it in piechart format, calculate averages. You need to be quite strong on your excel/google sheets to complete this within the allotted time. Menos

Could you tell me what the test was about ?

Nox Health

Describe a challenge you’ve faced when working on a team.

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Relied on personal experience and gave context.

It's great that you took the time to answer the question, but telling what you specifically said would be much more helpful than just basically repeating the question as a statement. Menos


Let us know a time next week for a quick call.

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Learn to use a calendar.

Social Annex

How low can we pay you.

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Argyle Executive Forum

How does your current industry skill set translate to the Argyle business model for account growth and nurturing?

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Coming from the insurance industry, you see a lot of non-contact from brokers and agents; what I worked with my team to create was a full scale value-added service plan that presents our clients with knowledge, not just the best pricing for their budget. Educating clients, and diving into their true needs, ultimately helps you create the best plan for them, which encourages renewals, and additions to their current program in the future. Developing that trust with your clients or partners is paramount to renewal goals, and that comes from getting to know their goals, their budget, their needs, and what they see for themselves in the future. Menos

Angry Creative

Something like "What kind of team and working environment is going to make you happy for many years to come?"

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Collaborative, open, trusting.


Name a time you received WOW customer service

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Make sure to name a time YOU RECEIVED it and not when you gave it.


I honestly don't think any of their questions were all that difficult.

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I honestly don't think any of their questions were all that difficult.


What do you know abou Yoyo Wallet?

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Yoyo Wallet operates a mobile payments app that allows customers to pay for goods, mainly at university cafes and quick service restaurants. It also allows automated loyalty and digital receipt collection, as well as offering personalised deals to customers, and beahavioural tracking/CX for the client. Menos

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