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A un Client Partner le preguntaron...3 de abril de 2014

You have 15 minutes to talk to a CIO with 5 major initiatives you need to solve for them. What do you do?

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You can't possibly solve any of them in 15 minutes. This question is not about you solving the problems, it is about you engaging with the CIO. Ask questions (start with what is documented, what's been done, what's in process, etc.) about the 5 to learn as much as you can in 10 minutes then discuss next actions (yours and the CIOs) to move analysis forward in the remaining 5 minutes. How can you engage the CIO, help focus the 5 issues (and concisely document them if they haven't already been documented), and if possible prioritize. Unfortunately, there probably is not one you can work on while you let the remaining 4 wait. Ask for another meeting as soon as possible. This is not a test of your ability to solve any of these problems. Menos

Hit them with that "WIIFM". If you're sales you know what this means, if not google it. Menos

Uncover most important initiative.


What's the biggest trend at Facebook in the past few years?

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Video & Measurement

To connect "absolutely" unknown people with social wrapper


How can help us grow?

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Strategies for growth and industry viewpoints plus where to tap.

Pls share ur mailid

BRIDGE Energy Group

Walk me through how you build your pipeline? What Sales System have you used (Sandler), etc. How do you prepare for Client meetings. What was your sales growth over the last 5 years and how did you achieve those results.

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Explained the different stages in pipeline and sales pursuits. Familiar with certain types of Sales Processes. Researched Client and their business challenges, used company Use Cases to demonstrate similar challenges that were solved, etc. Menos


Describe your biggest professional weakness and how you have worked to address it.

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Biggest weakness - answering crappy interview questions...


What is Java? What is Fullsatck

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Java is a programming language and computing platform.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

They asked what it took to manage a P&L which was vague question, it had nto context

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Manage profitability resource allocation,


Round 1: - Why Twitter? Why this role? - How’d you prepare for this interview? - What qualities make a good seller and how have you exemplified that? Explain your thought process for why you made that choice. - How do you prioritize your book of business and identify opportunities for growth? Round 2: Why Twitter at this point in your career? - If you were CEO of your company, what would you do differently? - Explain your role responsibilities. How would you partner with an account manager? - How do you identify the accounts you lead versus those you don’t? - How is your book of business built? - What will be the hardest adjustment for you when ramping at Twitter? - What is the biggest development area for you? - What’s the biggest sale you are proud of? - What’s a highlight in your career?

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It's important during the case study presentation to allow for client questions throughout the pitch as Twitter prides itself on having a collaborative and conversational consultations with clients. They are a stickler for staying within the timeframe. Menos

Franklin Covey

I was asked to role play presenting the Leader In Me program with potential teammate.

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How do you role play a service/product you haven't been trained on yet?

Korn Ferry

Naming the three Critical Success Factors to perform in this job and industry

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Drive revenue, drive revenue, drive revenue

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