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HP Inc.
A un Clerk Typist le preguntaron...25 de agosto de 2019

what you do for my company

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i say will do every thing which is belong to my streingth

Whatever you order sir.

Los Angeles County

Why do I want to leave my current employer?

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I am interested in a challenging office environment where office skills can be utilized. I have worked in the LA County Department of Probation, Superior Court in the child support department, and Tax Controller Auditor Department thru a temp agency from PDQ, and Apple One, and DPSS thru Apple One and Volunteer Center of Los Angeles County. And I took the test and passed. Also I worked a poll worker as a NC Clerk Menos

I am looking for career advancement and am looking to work in a challenging environment where my current skills can be utilized. I have been working for my current employer for 5 years and feel that I have contributed as much as I could to the position. I am seeking employment in other areas of county government to broaden my horizon of what county government really does and who they serve. I am a quick learner and want to learn and advance in county government so that I can serve those in my community. Menos

North Vancouver Recreation Commission

Tell me more about your experience with our staff or programs.

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I took the opportunity to explain everything I knew about the facilities, programs and website. I also told a personal past experience I had with the organisation. Menos

City of Philadelphia


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Need 10 people to establish the class for training

City of Philadelphia

How would you respond if an employee stated they didn't like you personally?

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I would kindly explain to my coworker that I am here to do a job and that job doesn't not include whether or they like me. However I would make an appoint to find out what it is that makes that person uncomfortable about my presence and if it is something that is understandable I would try to work around it. But how I do my job is most important not their personal opinion of me. Menos

City of Los Angeles

I was asked to elaborate on my accounting skills

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I gave the interviewers examples of my day-to-day functions as well as what I had done in crisis situations. Menos

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

It's not really an interview so there are no questions. They go over all of your documentation, copy your ID, etc.

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No questions to answer.

How would you help someone who spoke a different language then you?

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I would use my resources around me and try my hardest to communicate with the customer Menos

about the service they provide.

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I am familiar with social service and the services provided.

Perry Homes

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years

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Working here at Perry Homes in a higher position than the one I'm applying for today. Menos

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