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PSA International
A un Clerical/Accountant Assistant le preguntaron...27 de mayo de 2016

If I had to compare myself to an animal which would I choose.

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Don't do it!!! It's a scam! The same thing happen to me a couple of days ago! it's a work from home job and the person who is interviewing you is going to try to send you a check for your supplies. The check is fraudulent! He is gonna try to tell you to deposit the check into your account and then have you to transfer it into another account. I went to the bank and they stopped it before he could get the money! Menos

What were the name of the ppl contacting you? Did they FedEx the check to you? Did you ever buy any supplies? Menos

He was very aggressive and very eagered for me to get the bank

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What is your prior experience?

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I worked for 10 years as a clerk assistant in my previous job

Talked about my previous jobs.

Los Angeles County

What previous experience did you have

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What previous experience did you have

I’ worked 10 years as clerk assistant

What my qualifications were?

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I have an 2 year associate degree in Human Resources from William Peace University in Raleigh,NC and high school diploma from Green Hope high school in Cary,NC. Menos

How skilled are you with technology such as software applications?

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I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Sanford Brown College

Why do you need this job?

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I need a job that has flexibility and a decent salary.

University of Missouri

They asked me if I was good at keeping things confidential because I would be handling student record.

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i said that I knew the importance of keeping people's records as confidential as possible and I wouldn't do anything to violate anyone's privacy Menos

Pierce & Associates

Most difficult: "who has inspired you to be who you are, and why?" That made me think and I realized I never knew my family had such an impact on me. I told her my grandpa and father taught me to work hard (my grandpa is an immigrant). The other question was "what do you do on your spare time to relax". I am a busy guy so it was hard to think of something. I said I like to take apart phones and put them back together.

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Overall a good experience. Made me want the job bad. My other interview was good too but I was not hired because they did not need that position after all. But they called me back and I interviewed again and I got the job. I am still being trained. I can't wait to convert, but I have to stay a temp employee for 90 days. I hope they hire me, I have made some good friends. Menos

Lake County Public Schools

How would you resolve a difficult situation?

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its a star methord they are looking for.

Midland College

What is a unique characteristic that you would bring to the team?

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