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A un Chief Networking Scientist le preguntaron...15 de marzo de 2016

Lots questions about my experience on similar projects, how I would start to bring what I've learned and my expertise into the project, how I would solve some of the challenges they were currently facing in the project.

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Everything was basically a discussion - there was lots of back and forth with me asking some questions and Left asking some and me explaining how I'm passionate about the project and I have related experience building similar things in the past. Menos

Huawei Technologies

Very technical questions. Looked very like intelligence gathering , not like the FIRST interview over the phone. The focus was not on the job , but what I know about this and that and this ...


What was your last big software deployment?

BAE Systems USA

Nothing difficult. They did not seem very strong technically. While they claim to do "research", they do not publish or patent their work. So there is no record of what exactly they do. I had to accept this offer solely based on their spoken words on what they do which I did not feel comfortable doing.


from which university did you graduate? what working experiences do you have?

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