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A un Staff Revenue Accountant le preguntaron...10 de mayo de 2017

Why would a tax liability go down year over year

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Decrease in sales

How’d you respond?


There was one question regarding recounting a specific circumstance that was challenging and what the outcome was.

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I re-counted a situation and explained how I resolved the issue and explained the on-going effects. Menos

Singapore Airlines Cargo

Nothing unexpected. I was asked why I wanted to join them.

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Interviewers were really nice. Just be yourself!

can anyone say ? what are all the essay questions will be asked?

How would you transform the business over the next 2 years?

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Looking for opportunities to grow large projects with re- occurring revenue.


Have you heard of our company? What do you know about our company?

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Apparently, Sharethrough’s recruiter doesn’t know what kind of company she’s working for. Menos

Elior Group

What kind of reconciliations have you done?

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Statement, GL, Balance Sheets, etc.


Warum haben Sie sich bei Cerner beworben?

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Cerner geniesst als Healthcare IT Unternehmen einen guten Ruf


Knowledge base on revenue cycle management.

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15 years


Would I be comfortable in going from a supervisory to a individual contributor position?

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Yes, I would. I was looking for a change.

SAP Concur

Most unexpected question was, "If I wanted to fill this room with baseballs, how would you do it? Take me through your steps/thought process in achieving this."

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I still really love the company and everything I have learned about them! Hope more positions become available. Menos

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