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A un IT Manager le preguntaron...16 de mayo de 2016

Both the rounds of interview were conducted in structured format where the panelists ask questions related to candidate's experience. They also gave scenarios to which candidates had to respond appropriately.

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Itz around 130% for me

Any update guys from Boeing

They are setting up new facility in bagmane so it seems like its gonna take time. Menos

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Network Rail

If you had 3 mins alone in a lift with the CEO what would you say?

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Are you going up or down?

As a passenger I believe railways are the future transport that everyone will need and want to use for work and pleasure, together we can make our future vision a reality. Menos

can you press 3 Please

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Q. What is it about Google that inspires you?

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Its innovations and creativity!! Whenever, there is a special occasion, the way it portrays on Google chrome search, it is inspiring!! I believe that Google knows that its real asset are humans, that's why interacting with common people like this makes it unique!! Google has its unique selling point! Menos


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PSA International

If I had to compare myself to an animal which would I choose.

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Don't do it!!! It's a scam! The same thing happen to me a couple of days ago! it's a work from home job and the person who is interviewing you is going to try to send you a check for your supplies. The check is fraudulent! He is gonna try to tell you to deposit the check into your account and then have you to transfer it into another account. I went to the bank and they stopped it before he could get the money! Menos

What were the name of the ppl contacting you? Did they FedEx the check to you? Did you ever buy any supplies? Menos

He was very aggressive and very eagered for me to get the bank

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How do you cost a product?

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It all depend in materials used, labors, packaging and delivery cost.

it all depend in materials used labors,packaging,and delivery ,That call product cost. Menos

Cost of product includes Direct Labour + Direct Material+ Direct FOH (factory Overheads). The total cost divided by total no of units produced gives you cost per unit. Menos

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what is your qualification ?

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Sir, I am graduates with commerce..

Sir, am graduate with commerce side


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Why do you think you are the best for this position?

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Salary expectations?

The experience which i have on the job and the ability to work without close supervision can make me handle task well. Menos

The willingness to do the job

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Aimbridge Hospitality

are you comfortable with working overtime the first week of the month

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Indian Air Force

Why did you choose air force ?

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I'm like airman job

I like airman job


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Required a 90 or above on both sections of the test.

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What was the test about? Was it hard?

The test is very basic and simple

I missed 1 question out of 50 and "failed" the test. Disqualified from applying for a 2 year period. Menos

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