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A un Chief Engineer le preguntaron...9 de junio de 2018

why should we hire you ?

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Beacuse I am very active

Beacuse I very active

Because i believe in hard working with passion.

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Bank of America

How is your family life and how old are you

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You are legally not allowed to ask how old they are

You're legally not allowed to ask about family status, either.

I didn't think the question was relative to the interview


Something you share in it but it was officially not you work

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Are you very satisfied to work with us and comfortable

Yes, I am


Technical on plant services and facilities managment

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Facility manegement

Oil and Natural Gas

you achieve your target in well advance, how ?

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sir i worked in team manner and planned the target.

ha ha ha .


How do you see yourself in 5 years time?

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Regional Director of Engineering

i wiil become an engineering Manager


Are you available immediately

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Do they sign cadets?

Oil and Natural Gas

do u think u should be promoted to the next level ?

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yes sir, i deserve for it.

Yes sir


The fire doors on the property were in bad condition. How would I fix this problem and what would be needed to accomplish this project?

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Due to the condition of the doors, frames and hardware all of the doors would need to be taken down, two at a time. Remove all of the hardware, sand off the rust, fill the dents and holes, prime, paint and install new hardware. The frame is to be sanded, primed and painted. Rehang the doors and continue on until the project is completed. This will need two men to complete each set of fire doors. If available two more men can do the same on another set of fire doors at the same time. This will complete the project sooner. Menos

GDB International

why is a banna curved

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no cheating

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