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A un Associate Chemist le preguntaron...19 de marzo de 2019

How well do I handle conflict

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I tray to resolve the matter if, I can’t report it to my supper visor.

I well under lot of pressure stay calm at on times.

I work well under lot pressure by staying clam at all times.

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International Flavors & Fragrances

How will you develop a method by Chromatography for a high matrix ed samples?

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trial and error

Depends on the type of matrix . If proteins present, then electrophoretic method will be good but it's time consuming. If other species, then column and fractional chromarography would be ideal. Menos


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First interview Q's: Give me 3 words to describe yourself? What is your spirit animal? Tell me what you know about peptides (chemistry / structure / R groups whatever) Do you know what this company does? Can you explain to me "This experiment/project" on your resume? Second Interview Q's: Have you heard of glassdoor? What do you think of those negative reviews? Why are you interested in this internship? Tell me a little about yourself?

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first of all $15 is worse than flipping hamburgers at innout and that's after your done with internship...and have you heard of Glassdoor...duh and what I think about it? Your company sucks. Menos

yeah, if I didn't read your description, I thought you were offered to flip burgers at McDonalds. Menos

$13 to $15 an hour?? Here are people that are getting paid more: 1) My gardener 2) friend that works in a furnature warehouse 3) Jack In the Box associate from across the street 4) Guy sitting in an intersection holding up a sign that said "help, unemployed veteran..." ...and none of them got your Bachelor's. Just apply to McDonalds, at least you can get same pay with free meals everyday Menos

BlueTriton Brands

Was there a time when a supervisor asked you to do something you weren't comfortable with? How did you respond?

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I responded to him for the sake of the high position of him

And again I was comfortable for his request

Aurobindo Pharma

how much hike do you need?

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Quality determines Purity of a compound

25000 per month

What is quality

Novo Nordisk

How do you handle conflicts?

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Thank u for your answer.

Thank u for your answering.

I told them that I don´t seek conflicts, but if they arise I will do my best to end the conflict. I gave an example of when I needed to act on a conflict. Menos


Have you ever complained about your advisor? If yes, what was it?

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Frankly, it was not the most difficult question, but I was really speechless for a while. Menos

Partex Star Group
A un Chemist le preguntaron...25 de septiembre de 2016

Third law of thermodynamics.

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Pure basic


A un Chemist le preguntaron...3 de octubre de 2010

Do you know where Apotex located at? How do you wanna come to an interview for language test including Math, English listening, Reading, Vocubulary test

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Dont; know. Please letme know where exactly you are located. HR like to send an email in details... Menos

A un Chemist le preguntaron...29 de agosto de 2016

What are you looking for in this position? What are some amino acids you know? What is your spirit animal?

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my spirit animal is jason chang to fart on

Wow.... disturbing to read. They recruit from my school, would definitely ask my classmates who work there and my instructors Menos

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