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Jellyfish Pictures
A un Character TD le preguntaron...25 de junio de 2021

Q: Tell me about yourself

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I gave him a brief summary of my career and what my goals were

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Do you have any questions for us? (the face that this was the third question, 7 mins into the interview)

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I think the shock in my face was evident... and my response was... "That's it???" Menos

Digital Domain

Fixated on knowledge of deformers.

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Yes, I know every deformer in Maya.


Are you more interested in pipeline or rigging/character TD work?


Would you be interested in any of our other locations?


Do you know anyone in Vancouver?

Animal Logic

Q: Tell me about yourself.

Animal Logic

Q: What is you rigging process when starting a new character?


Expliquer différents points de la reel.

Tell me about what have I been doing so far?

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